Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Training]Audi A4 Parking System (APS)

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Audi parking system – Audi offers three different parking assistance systems for the new Audi A4. The Audi parking system (APS) fitted as standard to A4 SE models supplies an audible signal as the rear of the car approaches an obstruction while reversing. The second version, the optional Audi parking system plus, has additional visual displays for the front and rear, with a total of eight ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers. The third option – the high-tech Audi parking system advanced, features an integral rear-view camera built into the boot lid which provides a 130-degree wide-angle view behind the car. Its images are processed to eliminate distortion before being displayed on the monitor of the MMI operating system. The display includes various guide lines and zones to help the driver position the car correctly when reversing.
When reversing into a parking bay at a right angle to the direction of travel – the standard mode – orange lines indicate the path that the car should follow. To park the car by reversing into a bay parallel with the road, an area shaded in blue indicates the space that the Audi A4 will occupy so that the driver can see whether the parking manoeuvre will be successful. Blue lines indicate when to turn the steering one way and then the other.
In addition to the real-image mode, APS advanced also provides the familiar visual and audible parking aids using signals from ultrasonic sensors. The driver can use the MMI controls to switch between the video-camera image, a graphic display or automatic changeover between the two.

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