Thursday, July 11, 2013

Air suspension Audi A6

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A ride to suit you
Adaptive air suspension, standard on the Audi A6 allroad, perfectly balances the need for sporty handling and off-road performance on the one hand with silky ride comfort on the other. It does this by changing the suspension settings and damper characteristics, at the touch of a button, to suit how you want to drive. There are five modes to select from: comfort, dynamic, automatic, allroad and lift.
Off-road driving
Raising the ground clearance height of the car to approximately 185mm, allroad and lift modes are perfect for negotiating rough terrain and steep slopes.

Open road driving
Comfort, dynamic and automatic modes are designed to be enjoyed on the open road. For long-distances, comfort adjusts your set-up to create a more comfortable ride. Dynamic changes the settings for a sportier driving experience, lowering the ground clearance height of the car; it also reduces drag thus improving fuel efficiency. While automatic is the ideal setting for everyday driving.

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