Thursday, July 11, 2013

1985 Audi 5000 System Wiring Diagram

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Do you own 1985 Audi 5000 System Wiring Diagram? If so, here is a complete service/repair manual for 1985 Audi 5000. It contains detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures. Everything you need to know about this car is in this manual. With this 1985 Audi 5000 manual, you can know how to keep your car run well. In addition, this manual is in PDF format, which is easy to print it out to read the information and notes.

The Audi 100, 200 and 5000 were already available with 4 or 5 cylinder engines and in multiple variations in Europe. The new platform called C3 internally by Audi, had grown from being boxy to a sleek aerodynamic shape. Many innovations both stylistically and functional were first seen on this car and eventually spread to other Audi's and were copied by other manufactures eventually.
Flush window glass and wheel covers were just a few of the advancements that contributed to a low .cd of just 0.30. Another prominent feature of the 5000 was the black "rubber belt" that went around the center of the car, protecting it from minor impacts.
All 5000 sedans and wagons had sporting aspirations, but it was the S model what was the top performer. Its 2.2 L turbocharged 5 cylinder engine eventually produced 163 hp, a figure on par with many V8 of the time. It's all wheel drive handling composure and the fact that many were sold with a 5 speed manual transmission made the 5000S unlike any large car US buyers were accustomed to.
Want to get 1985 Audi 5000 System Wiring Diagram?
This manual is suitable for the following models: 
1985 Audi - 5000 S 
Service Repair Manual Covers: 
Cooling Fan Circuit, Defoggers Circuit, Horn Circuit, Memory Seat Circuit, Power Antenna, Powe Door Lock, Power Mirror, Power Windows, Radio, charging and Starting, Washer Circuit 
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